Eswatini – Ongoing Projects

Mbabane Dry Sanitation and Waste Management Project (2014-2016)

The project aims to improve the environmental health of the project areas by promoting dry sanitation and waste management. It is implemented in the peri-urban area of Mnyamatsini and other communities close to the capital Mbabane, with funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. It is a joint effort between the GLM Eswatini, Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland, Turku University of Applied Sciences, University of Eswatini, and the City Council of Mbabane. The key activities include educating the community on topics such as dry sanitation, grey water recycling, waste management, and organic gardening. A waste recycling centre in Mnyamatsini, demonstrative dry toilets and grey water treatment facilities have also been constructed.

Organisational Capacity Building for Environmental Education and Community Development (2013-2014, second phase 2015-2016)

Green Living Movement Swaziland Capacity buildingThe project aims to strengthen the organisational capacity of GLM Eswatini and to increase environmental knowledge in the partner communities. It is implemented in cooperation with GLM Finland, with funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, in Msunduza, Dlangeni, and recently also in Vusumnofto. The project runs capacity building workshops for GLM Eswatini and other NGOs in Mbabane, with the support of GLM Zambia, in order to strengthen the civil society in the region. The project also promotes safe sanitation practices, sustainable management of natural resources, and waste management in the project communities. More information >>