Support Zambian women farmers this Valentines day – or Friend’s day as we call it in Finland

Valentine’s Day – or Friends’ Day as we call it in Finland – is coming soon and it is time to do good things for friends both near and far! In our Valentine’s Day campaign we support female farmers in Zambia and raise awareness on gender equality in their home villages. 

Our work supports women in many ways: we improve women’s situation by decreasing their workload at home and supporting climate-resilient livelihoods. We also provide support and counseling for women who are victims of gender-based violence. Gender-based violence is a challenging issue to remove but it is not an impossible task. We organize trainings on gender-based violence sensitization in the communities and provide concrete help for the victims of violence at drop-in centers. Would you like to support us this Friend’s Day? 


Examples of donation options:


10 €: participation of one person in a training to recognize and combat gender-based violence 

40 €: councellor for one month in the drop-in center to help the victims of gender-based violence


Instructions for making a donation:

Donate the amount you chose (10 or 50 euros) to the account FI31 4309 0010 0705 06. Enter text YSTÄVÄNPÄIVÄ and your email address in the message field to receive the thank you card. Please kindly note that we’re tracking payments and sending the thank you cards manually, so it may take a couple of days for the card to arrive.


A big thank you for your support and happy Valentine’s Day!


Bank information:


o Bank: Liedon Säästöpankki

o IBAN: FI31 4309 0010 0705 06


o Recipient: Green Living Movement Suomi ry

o In the message field: YSTÄVÄNPÄIVÄ and email address to send a thank you card


All funds raised will be used to cover the self-financing part of Green Living Movement Finland’s development cooperation project. The project is implemented in Monze and Mazabuka in Southern  Zambia. GLM Finland has a fundraising permit in Finland (RA / 2021/1644) issued by the Police Board. The permit is valid until 28 February 2022.

Do you have questions about the Valentine’s campaign or donating to us? Please contact us: