Farmers’ Market project receives visitors from Finland

The Farmers’ Market project has been running for almost two years in GLM’s partner communities in the Serenje district in Zambia. During the project, farmers’ knowledge of marketing issues and bargaining has greatly improved. They have also completed financial and business reports and visited markets in Lusaka, to mention a few of the activities. The marketing committees have showed good progress, and the market centres have made a profit since the first year.

The distances between the communities and the nearest town are long and the transportation of the products has been a big problem. The project has now purchased seven donkeys to help farmer clubs with the transportation but also with the field work. The donkeys have been healthy and adapted well to the new environment. The training of the donkeys has also started well and they have already been used in the farmers’ fields.

The time has now come for GLM Finland to monitor the project together with GLM Zambia. The project coordinators will visit the project communities of Nambo, Kundalumwanshya and Luanshimba in October and discuss the challenges and good practises with the communities.

GLM Zambia donkeys

The donkeys have helped farmers with transportation but also provided draught power