Zambia – Ongoing Projects

Strengthening Community-Based Management of Environment and Natural Resources (2015-2019)

Plan-inauguration-ChisambaThe project builds the climate resilience of new partner communities Chamuka and Chikonkomene and assists them in finding new, sustainable ways to earn a living. It is implemented in partnership with Plan International Zambia, with funds from Plan International’s German National Office. The project aims to restore degraded land and forest areas, and to improve agricultural productivity through sustainable production and land management practices. Beekeeping, fish farming and tree planting are promoted alongside traditional farming activities to open up new markets and to improve the communities’ ability to generate income all year around.

Community Strategies for Climate-Resilient Livelihoods (2014-2016, with extension 2017-2019)

green_living-movement_climate_changeThe project builds community resilience to the impacts of global warming through increased awareness and enhanced adaptive capacity. It is implemented in partnership with GLM Finland in the villages of Kafubu, Shimbizhi, Chiyumo and Chisuwo, with funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The project improves food security and diversification of income generation through climate-smart practices (e.g. agroforestry, organic gardening and small livestock). The project supports a community-driven response to climate change and strengthens the advocacy skills of community members. Read more >>

Farmers’ Market – Enhancing Access to Profitable Markets (2012-2014, with extension 2015-2016)

green living movement_marketingThe project aims to improve the challenging marketing situation and to facilitate farmers’ access to profitable markets. It is implemented in partnership with GLM Finland in the communities of Kundalumwanshya, Nambo and Luanshimba with the funding of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The project provides training in marketing skills in the communities. Donkeys have also been purchased for the farmers for easier transportation of crops to the markets and for draught power to increase farm sizes and yields.