Green Living Movement Zambia

zambiaGLM Zambia supports sustainable use of natural resources and community livelihoods in rural Zambia. GLM Zambia’s work focuses on sustainable agriculture, environmental awareness, capacity building, empowerment and advocacy.

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Green Living Movement Swaziland

swazilandGLM Swaziland promotes sustainable community development to reduce poverty and to protect the environment. GLM Swaziland utilises the participatory working methods developed in Zambia.

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Green Living Movement Finland

finlandGLM Finland is a volunteer-based group which supports and strengthens the work of GLM Zambia and Swaziland at the grassroots level by assisting in communication, fundraising and project planning.

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(suomi) Uusi hanke ja uusia yhteistyökumppaneita


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Cooperation with a board game Norsun muisti (Memory Of The Elephant)


GLM Finland and GLM Zambia have launched a cooperation with a finnish board game Norsun muisti (Memory Of The Elephant). […]

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