Sustainable agriculture: Farmers share their experiences on ZNBC

From 29th November 2012 to 30th January 2013, Zambian small-scale farmers are sharing their experiences on sustainable agriculture on television and radio. The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) will be running a series of documentaries on the experiences of the farmers working with Green Living Movement (GLM) from the past 12 years of implementing sustainable farming methods.

Agriculture as a way of life for small-scale farmers in Zambia has gone through ups and downs. The use of synthetic fertilisers has not helped matters, if anything it has made the farmers’ productive capacity less and less sustainable by the year. Working with GLM has, however, given a glimmer of hope to the small-scale farmers in the rural areas in Luanshya and Serenje districts where the organisation is supporting the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.

Tune in to the Chintobentobe programme on ZNBC every Sunday at 14:05 hours and Radio 1 every Thursday from 13:45 to 14:00 hours for the life-changing stories from the farmers!

ZNBC interviews GLM and small-scale farmers about agroforestry

ZNBC journalist Musonda Lombe interviews agroforestry farmer Mr Allan Spider Mbulo from Serenje.

ZNBC interviews small-scale farmers

ZNBC journalist Musonda Lombe interviews a dairy farmer Dorothy Manda from Luanshya.

The first project starts in Swaziland in 2013

Green Living Movement Swaziland in partnership with Green Living Movement Finland has received funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland for the years 2013 and 2014 for a project called ‘Organisational Capacity Building for Environmental Education and Community Development’.

The project will strengthen the organisational capacity of GLM Swaziland and impart knowledge on environmental issues to the local communities of Dlangeni and Msunduza. The project involves conducting training in areas such as waste management, sustainable natural resources management and safe sanitation practices.

GLM Swaziland strives to become an influential NGO actor that can link the local people and local authority towards sustainable development.

Green Living Movement, GLM, Swaziland

Mrs. Futhie Shabangu – a member of GLM Swaziland