Building community resilience in food and nutrition security through agroecology (BCRFNSA) project

a group of women sitting around a table and working on a large plan officials in suits or uniforms standing in front of a building under a yellow sun cover and talking towards a not visible audience

The BCRFNSA is a two-year (2023-2025) project funded by OAK Foundation. It supports 300 farmer households in adopting and implementing agroecology and raising awareness of the impact of climate change. The project aims to improve food, nutrition, and income security, enhance appreciation of the value of agroecology by farmers and decision-makers, improve access to clean, renewable energy options, promote sustainable natural resources management and climate-resilient livelihoods among smallholder farmers in the Shimbizhi ward of Mumbwa district.

The project is addressing the following challenges;

  • Changing climatic conditions
  • Reduced yield due to land degradation and loss of soil fertility
  • Loss of traditional seed varieties
  • Limited access to farming inputs and extension
  • Over-reliance on synthetic fertilizers and chemicals


The KAZA project

people standing in a circle around a small pile of hay and manure

GLM Zambia is implementing the Agroecology component under the ‘Food Security and Habitat Protection in the KAZA Project’ being implemented by WWF. This component includes capacity building for 1080 farmers in agroecology in Kazungula, Mulobezi, and Nkeyema districts and policy advocacy.

The project seeks to improve the resilience of communities and ecosystems and the connectivity of wildlife habitats through enhanced food security, diversified income, and habitat protection in the Kavango Zambezi region.