GLM hosts two Finnish volunteers in 2013

GLM Zambia has been collaborating with Kepa, the Finnish Service Centre for Development Cooperation, for several years. Through Kepa’s volunteering programme ETVO, the organisation has hosted about twenty Finnish volunteers over the past years. In 2013, two new volunteers are working with GLM.

The first volunteer, Emma Liljeström, a student of Environmental Science, arrived at the beginning of the year and will stay for six months. She spends a major part of her volunteering period in GLM’s rural partner communities, monitoring and reporting on the progress of GLM’s projects and facilitating the communication between the locals and the organisation.

The other volunteer, Pieta Seppänen, will be working at GLM for almost the whole year. Pieta has a degree in languages and international relations and has previously worked mainly in the field of communications. At GLM, her main tasks include creating communication and advocacy strategies, drafting project proposals, developing the website, and at times, also going on field trips to the rural communities.

Read more about the Etvo volunteering programme here.

Etvo volunteers Zambia

GLM volunteers Pieta and Emma on a Women’s Day March in Lusaka with their colleagues Patricia and Sylian