IPCC released a new report on climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released its fifth report on the impacts of climate change. The report is based on multi-disciplinary research on adaptation and mitigation options in different regions. GLM is particularly interested in the situation in southern Africa where the organisation operates.

Impacts will be worse in Africa than in many other regions of the world. The rise in mean temperatures will be faster than the global average increase. In all seasons, minimum and maximum temperatures will rise from 3 to 6 degree during this century. Extreme heat waves follow El Niño events, which means drought. Changes in precipitation are more difficult to forecast because of the lack of measuring it in the past, but decrease is possible, especially in the areas which are already dry.

Changes in the climate will have drastic impacts on the daily life in Africa. The small-scale farmers who GLM works with have already experienced this, since their livelihoods depend largely on agriculture and livestock. IPCC forecasts shorter growing seasons, negative effects on yields as well as changes in vegetation and pests. Agriculture in Zambia is focused on growing maize which may suffer up to 30% losses in yields after 2050. Farmers, therefore, need to start to diversifying their crops in order to ensure food security in the future. Cassava, for example, is resilient to higher temperatures.

Many countries have developed adaptation programmes, but implementation has been slow. The multi-disciplinary nature of climate change and variations in the impacts within each country have been a challenge. Many NGOs have taken responsibility for training local communities. GLM currently supports eight villages in Zambia and two in Swaziland. Our work provides villagers the opportunity to plan their future in a sustainable way. Agroforestry and diversification of livelihood sources are examples of ways to secure life.

Super Analytics improves our visibility in search engines

Super Analytics chose Green Living Movement as a partner to implement a search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing campaign for a website of a charity organisation. GLM in Finland, Zambia and Swaziland will all benefit from this opportunity to improve the visibility of our website! Super Analytics is a digital marketing company specialising in SEO. Once GLM’s findability in search engines improves, we are hoping to get more volunteers and members involved in our work. This project also allows us to finalise our website, a process that started two years ago, in a great way!


GLM Finland is looking for a part-time Coordinator

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish.

GLM’s Climate work expands in Zambia

GLM Zambia and GLM Finland got a funding for the project ‘Community strategies for climate-resilient livelihoods‘ from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The project aims to build community resilience to the impacts of Climate Change through awareness raising, different capacity trainings and support in best practices of sustainable agriculture and livelihood diversification on Climate Change adaptation.

Three-year project will be implemented in 2014-2016 in four communities including Kafubu Farm Block in Luanshya district and Shimbizhi in Mumbwa with who GLM has worked before. The new project communities Chiyumu and Chikuni in Monze district were identified through the Zambia Climate Change Network (ZCCN).

GLM Climate resilient livelihoods

Green Living Movement working with the community in Mumbwa

Finnish volunteer opportunity in Zambia!

Now it is that time of a year again when the Finnish Volunteer Programme Etvo, GLM Finland and GLM Zambia together are looking for a new volunteer to join GLM Zambia for the year 2014! The volunteering period varies from six to twelve months.

A detailed description about the volunteering opportunity at GLM Zambia can be found at the website of the Etvo programme: Zambia/GLM (in Finnish). Read also the stories by our current volunteer from her lovely blog!

If you have any questions, please contact GLM Finland: terhi.hytonen@gmail.com or the Etvo programme: etvo@kepa.fi. Before getting in touch with us, please read the information about programme at www.etvo.fi.

Do charity by eating!

On Sunday 18th August, GLM Finland will set up a restaurant, Amatebeto Kitchen, for one day as a part of the global Restaurant Day. GLM Finland will serve a lunch full of exciting flavours from Zambia and Swaziland! The price of the lunch  is 8 euros. All of the proceeds will be used for community projects in the rural villages of Zambia and Swaziland.

We’ll start at 12 o’clock and serve the lunch until we run out of food (around 15 or 16 p.m.)! The event will take place in a charming wooden house in downtown, on Läntinen Pitkäkatu 15, Turku.

Do charity by eating! Welcome!

Zambian food

GLM Finland serves exciting flavours from Zambia and Swaziland on Restaurant Day.

GLM Finland at the World Village Festival on May 25-26th

GLM Finland participates in the World Village Festival on the 25th-26th of May in Helsinki. The festival is the biggest NGO platform in Finland, as around 300 NGOs as well as other actors attend the festival annually. Last year, there were approximately 105,000 festival visitors.

Come to say hi to GLM Finland! You’ll find us at the big NGO tent in Kaisaniemi Park!

More information: World Village Festival

GLM is looking for additional partners in Finland for a Climate Change project in Zambia

Join our project to support global education and grassroots work in Zambia and in Finland!

GLM Zambia and GLM Finland are looking for additional partners for the new Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Project.  State support will be applied by the end of May 2013 and the 3-year project is planned to start in 2014.

The project aims to build community resilience to the impacts of global warming in the project communities, especially among farmers. It will promote sustainable innovations and introduce climate-smart practices to the farmers. The project will enhance the communities’ knowledge on the causes and effects of climate change through theatre and radio in order to build their mitigation and adaptation capacity.

If you interested to work with us, please contact us for more information:

GLM Finland: terhi.hytonen@gmail.com
GLM Zambia: chibuleclive@gmail.com